Touching Connect: All your sales channels in a single panel.

We provide your business with the most advanced technology in connectivity, with a platform designed for you and affordable for everyone.

Create and configure services
Create for yourself the services, experience and/or products that you want to offer and manage.
Manage capacity in real time
From a single place you will control the capacity of your experiences in time and synchronized with all your sales channels.
Simplified billing
With the Ticando platform you can generate tickets in simplified invoice format for your customers.
Configure dynamic ticketing
You will be able to create and configure tickets that modify their behavior according to the usage configuration that you indicate.
Set up collaborators
Add and configure collaborators who can sell the experiences or services you choose, all of which you can configure to your liking.
Sales analytics
Reports and information on sales made through all your sales channels.
Unlimited line of business
You can add unlimited lines of business as well as services and/or experiences to your management panel.
User Management
You will have a panel where you can create and manage different users with different degrees of access to the Ticando panel.
Create service packs
Configure your own service packs with special prices and conditions according to your own criteria.
Authorize cross-selling
Choose which collaborators you want to be able to make sales or packs with your services for cross-selling.
Create cross packs
Design your own service packages with those of other collaborators to create unique pack offers for your clients.
Assign commissions to collaborators
Assign the economic conditions you want to your affiliates, collaborators or partners from a simple management panel.
Assign prices dynamically
Assign prices that can vary according to dynamic rules in real time as well as different currencies according to countries.
Set up flexible hours
Create and configure flexible schedules for each of your experiences or services according to your needs or the type of service.
Integrates the main gateways
Our system is integrated with the best gateways in the world such as Stripe, Trustmytravel, Multisafepay, etc.
Control your entire business in real time

All your sales channels in a single panel.

Centralize all online and offline sales channels. A solution that digitizes the way you work so that everything is much easier and more profitable.

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We include any details that we know are important to you.

We analyze your way of working and the processes you need.
We help you throughout the process.
We add any relevant improvements to meet your needs.

The most advanced technologyavailable to everyone

From the beginning, Ticando’s inspiration was to create something that would be really useful for everyone, not just for big corporations. Now our technology is designed and prepared to be an effective and useful tool for any company or business of any size, and above all affordable so that digitization is possible for everyone.

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